About onFutureScenarios

onFutureScenarios is an initiative of FairSights and curated by me, Robert Bood. The future is where I live, a large part of my time. From the moment I entered the futures field, I enjoyed the ongoing interplay between systemic analysis, associative sensemaking and disorderly creativity, which are all inextricably linked to foreseeing and creating the future.


Foresight is the dynamic competence companies, organisations and governments need to anticipate and prepare for major challenges and disruptive transitions. There is no such thing as a free lunch and occasional reports have a limited shelf life. But the ones who do it well can be years ahead of the game. It gives them an often decisive edge in discovering attractive business opportunities and strategic risks.


Foreseeing the future asks for disciplined analysis of the inevitable, continuous scanning of the periphery for emerging sources of change, and stretching imagination to perceive and explore the previously unthinkable. It requires an open mind, a wondering look while drawing on a broad variety of sources and learning from widely different perspectives. Openness to progressive insights is crucial. Future Mapping in a nutshell.


The premise of onFutureScenarios is that much more can be known about what the future holds and how it unfolds than is so often assumed. As the future springs from the present, it is all around to be discovered and explored. It all starts with skimming an abundance of sources every week, curating the best and employing Future Mapping to foresee the future.


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