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What is the impact of disruptive transitions on the organisation of industries?

What are winning strategies and successful business models of the future?

What strategic competences become crucial to be distinctive in your industry?

How are supply networks and collaborative ecosystems changing over time?

Which scale-ups will shake up their industry and derail current market leaders?

How will the game changers of the future shake up market competition and dynamics?

Which industries are on the brink of revolution and how may change work out?

If your industry starts to change radically … what new systems will emerge?

What are newly developing industries and how may they disrupt existing markets?

Each week we skim over numerous reputable sources to select and curate some of the best long reads, deep-dive reports and futures research on systemic, structural game changers that shape and shake up markets, industries, and economies. As industries and markets are continuously evolving, onFutureScenarios is above all an ongoing learning journey in search of fresh and growing insights into the future. Focus on strategy, business models, competitive dynamics, industry organisation, attractive opportunities and strategic risks.

Foresee the future years ahead.

onFutureScenarios applies Future Mapping as a systematic, information-based approach to map and monitor the drivers that shape and shake up the future. Future Mapping combines a variety of methods to think through the medium term (3 to 7 years) in depth. As the future springs from the present, much more can be known about it than we often assume and perceive. The crux is to see and make sense of major change when it starts to unfold and accelerate. By breaking down the future, analyse pathways to and from it, and learn from new information in a disciplined way, the strategy and business implications of industry transitions can be foreseen years in advance. It is the gateway par excellence to identify attractive opportunities as well as strategic risks at an early stage.

Selection of sectors & topics covered

In what ways will disruptive financial service providers reshape retail banking?
What kind of urban mobility systems will develop in sustainable cities?
What kinds of sustainable energy storage systems will evolve over time?
How may local food production systems develop in and around cities?
How will new preferences of younger generations change the housing market?
How will new business models change the grocery retail landscape?
In what ways will do-it-yourself health services change the health sector?
What are structural, long-lasting implications of the Covid-19 pandemic?
What is the future of crypto currencies and decentralised finance?

What can you expect?

In each newsletter you’ll find a curated selection of recent articles, analyses and research on disruptive change, taken from reputable sources across the web. We apply Future Mapping to foresee trends, trend breaks, turning points, and transitions and explore the implications for strategy, business models and competition in specific sectors. Special attention to successful transformers, contrarian mavericks, and remarkable disruptors. To stimulate and stretch your memory of the future.

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